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Released: 27 January 2003

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There’s a faint whiff of pretension around Blackwood, South Wales’ Songdog: their overtly lyrical approach (the word count here easily rivals Alanis Morissette), their adoption of a Japanese poetic form for an album title, and their skeletal, Dylanesque approach to a melody. To balance that accusation, songwriter and vocalist Lyndon Morgans’ efforts certainly bear close scrutiny; the richly observed dissection of ‘The Girl On The Escalator At HMV’ for instance tells the listener more than we’d like to know about both the girl and her secret observer. ‘Haiku’ certainly isn’t an album that appeals instantly, allow it to grow though and the lives of its characters will surely infiltrate yours; in retrospect, Songdog’s approach is exactly right. They will suffer the brickbats in the certain knowledge that they have created a deathless album.
Michael Ornadet
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