Songdog - The Way of the World
Zara Records TED CD1
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To be original, invigorating and daring is becoming an increasingly rare phenomenon in today's MTV saturated world. Enter Songdog, a totally different listening experience lead by one Lyndon Morgan, occasional playwright, novelist and songwriter, who pushes the art form onto a different plateau. The Way of the World is a quite extraordinary album bursting with Morgan's fabulously detailed Lyrics, which are heavily laden with tales of love, loss and passion (and sex in a cemetery!). The backing is very spare allowing Morgan's lyrics the room to breathe and weave their magic. Take the opening lines on first track 'Goodbye Isabel' for a taster of what's to follow; "In her heart I think she wants me dead/Second best she sleeps with me instead/ I give her all her books and records back/Roy Orbison, Burt Bacharach and Kerouac, in paperback/West Side Story Soundtrack." Some of the songs have a bleakness and desolation to them that cuts right to the core; witness the line in 'South London Winter' where Morgans Howls "Lucy wrote me a letter, pink crayon on blue Paper, to say every useless thing we'd planned was off." The Way of the World is very intense in a Leonard Cohen kind of way, and it stopped me in my tracks and demanded that I give it my full attention. It's a remarkable achievement and a real treasure - seek it out

HIFI+ Issue 12