Daily Rock (Switzerland)

English translation

"A Wretched Sinner's Song" is divided into two sections, Love Lust and Love Lost. The fourth album from this trio led by Welshman Lyndon Morgans is about love, sex, pain, loss, the Devil and God. In the tradition of Vic Chesnutt, Nick Drake, Lambchop or a certain Leonard Cohen, the trio approach life's darker pages --- with the aim of correcting them. In "A Prayer To Old Idols" this takes the form of the memory of a great lost love,
invoked anew from a time when prayer still worked. But Sondog also turn their hand to strange and beautiful tales like the siren in "Ruben's Tattoo" and her escape from her imprisonment in the form of body-art. The band succeeds in drawing us in, involving us in their
songs, a great art.

Robert Pally Bluewin