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Waiting for Waits 2004

CARTER WOOD & SONGDOG 20 de juliol de 2004 (translation)

The first concert of the cycle took place, as normally, at the cultural Centre
of Sa Nostra, at Palma. There were two different artists. The first one was
Carter Wood, a young american singer-writer and who sings in such a way that she
reminds me of Lucinda Williams, but she puts less strength in her songs. Carter compensates her artistic voids with her personal charm, and the performance, although it was nice, was frankly poorer than that of Waiting for Waits.

After Carter's concert, came Songdog's. Songdog is a British band, who did one
of the best concerts at "The English Nights of the Lisboa" in 2002, and this
time they did a perfect performance. An original group, headed by a very good
front man such as Lyndon Morgans (this name sounds like a alias!), and perfectly accompanied by a guitarist who gives a mexican border atmosphere, a
percussionist-and-something-else who plays from the bongos to the xylophone,
among others, and all that with a feminine vocalist who gave an Irish touch.

Songdog performed some of the themes that we already knew and some new
ones, which are really very good and some cover version, such as their
particular vision of "Janie Jones" from Clash, or the essential version of Tom
Waits, a very original "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" from the record "Bone Machine".

A fantastic performance, a devoted audience who rewarded Songdog's originality
with great enthusiasm, and, in short, a group that is wonderful live and that very soon will publish their third record... which will be commented here!

(c) Joan Andreu Juan Torrens 2004