Plato Mania 175



Nothing is more fun than a CD that completely surprises you. A CD that leaves you speechless from the first seconds. A CD that grabs you and does not let you go the next couple of weeks. A CD that you cannot miss anymore after having heard it for the first time. Songdog’s Haiku is such a CD.

Sondog is a trio from Wales, and with Haiku the band has delivered a splendid CD. Songdog makes acoustic music with clear alt-country influences. The accompaniment is minimal and mostly does not go much farther than an acoustic guitar, some slide guitar and a bit of percussion. Central to it is Lyndon Morgans’ special voice. A voice that not everyone will be able to appreciate, but if it hits you, it does hit you well. Morgans sings his almost desparate songs full of dedication and so intensely that it will leave no-one unmoved. The contributions of female singer Suzanne Rhatigan are also a guarantee for a quite a lot of goose-pimples. And then we have not even mentioned the beautifully sober arrangements and the almost poetic lyrics. We should not discuss those subjects anymore, because Haiku is a brilliant CD that you should actually just hear yourself.

Erwin Zijleman